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  About The Woods Publishing Group    

The Woods Publishing Group, founded in 1990, is a full-service development
house and packager that specializes in creating high-quality educational
products for the K-12, college, and professional markets. We have developed
award-winning titles in virtually every subject area, including history, science,
geography, and mathematics.

Woods Publishing also has an ongoing program of product development—with
actual publication dependent only on matching specific titles with
appropriate publishers.

The Woods Publishing Group is known for its fresh, innovative titles,
independent working style, and reasonable rates. Our goal is to establish
lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and a shared
commitment to quality.

  How do we work?

A client comes to us with an idea—sometimes just the germ of an idea—and
we bring it to realization. Most often, we manage the entire creative process
from initial concept through final files. Other times, we assume responsibility
for just one aspect of a project—such as editorial development or art
direction and graphic design. We accept projects of all sizes and budgets
and are comfortable in most subject areas. We are accustomed to working
on tight schedules and can be relied upon to deliver quality products, on
time and error-free. We offer competitive pricing, and would be happy to
provide you with a quote on a project of any size.

  What kinds of products do we develop?

Books, posters, games, time lines, periodicals, decorative items, textbooks,
ancillaries, supplemental materials, periodicals, manipulative-based products,
and other educational products

  What services do we offer?

• Conceptual planning, product ideas, and market research

• Brainstorming and planning sessions with client as needed

• Prototype development

• Developmental editing

• Original writing

• Fact-checking and substantive editing

• Copyediting and proofreading

• Product and series design

• Art direction and art procurement

• Photo research and fee negotiation

• Original photography

• Permissions research

• Mac production/desktop publishing

• High-end scans, color correction, and color proofing

• Final files and pre-press services

• Complete project management (editorial, art/design, and production)